The report looks at the income the for-purpose sector received from philanthropy and grantmaking in 2018, including types of givers and a breakdown of the causes receiving it.

The report, developed in collaboration with Philanthropy New Zealand, also highlights the significant role volunteering plays in New Zealand, valued at an additional $2b a year.

Key findings noted in the report are:

  • Total philanthropy and grantmaking estimated at $3.8 billion for 2018 is a significant increase from earlier studies.
  • The broad mass market donors currently make up just over half of total donations.  This is expected to slip due to greater growth in other forms of fundraising and the falling proportion of donors among the population.
  • The causes individuals support change with their income levels.
  • As income and wealth levels have grown there is great potential for growth in giving among higher net wealth individuals including through structured philanthropy.
  • Bequests are set to become more significant with an ageing population and rising asset values.
  • A significant opportunity for growth exists among Community Foundations as knowledge of this form of giving spreads.
  • The growing interest amongst Energy Trust to grow community granting levels.
  • The Community Trust sector continues to perform well having an influence on granting and impact practice well beyond the 3% of total philanthropy and grantmaking it represents.
  • Gaming machine societies and the Lottery Grants Board still provide around 16% of total philanthropy and grants.
  • The corporate sector is a strong supporter of the for-purpose sector but the methods used and appropriate engagement strategies are not as well understood by recipients.
  • Fundraising is dominated by the largest organisations with the largest 9% of charities receiving 91% of all donations.
  • For the receivers of donations and bequests, religion remains the main cause supported but its dominance has fallen and guided by census data, is expected to fall further.
  • The largest gains for receivers is in welfare and human services related sectors such as social services, community development and disabilities.

Data Sources: The New Zealand Support Report - This material is based on data sources for giving from JBWere Philanthropic Services, various funder peak bodies, IRD, Statistics NZ, Charities Services, NZ General Social Survey, NZ Census, NZ Treasury, various annual reports, as well as the reports of Giving New Zealand Philanthropic Funding 2014, 2011, 2006, and funding New Zealand 2002, 1996. 

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